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Mushroom Wooden Bookend Heirloom

  • Into the woods! Our finely handcrafted kawaii Mushroom Wooden Bookend is a delightful heirloom baby shower gift for the new mom or a nature lover of any age. Our original design features a cute and happy mushroom with a big ready smile. Unique mixed wood composition brings richness, warmth and playful style to any environment. Each bookend is branded and dated on the bottom and makes a sweet addition to a woodland baby nursery or kids room.

    *Each bookend sold separately to mix or match animals of your choice. Sorry, Happy Tree Bookshelf is not for sale at this time.

  • (1) Mushroom Wooden Bookend
  • 7"W x 7"H x 3.25"D
  • • 1/2" Northern Hard Maple
    • 1/2" Walnut (Purebond Core)
    • 1/4" Maple
    • 1/4" Cherry

Adorable Heirloom Bookends

Features & Benefits

• Handmade and laser cut from our family wood shop

• Original artwork & design makes an exclusive heirloom

• Laborious detailed creation made with (4) different woods

• Back/bottom cut and crafted from Northern Hard Maple

• Multi-step process: sand, seal, apply protective top coat

• Eco-friendly materials, safe for baby and kids' spaces

• Cork lined bottom with rubber feet for secure gripping

• Natural wood grain varies adding distinct character

• Round smooth corners with no exposed metal fasteners

• Bottoms are branded with our signature logo and dated

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Free Shipping on USA orders over $35