Rocket Boy Wall Decal

  • Our best-selling original Rocket Boy Wall Decal is perfect for an outer space theme nursery or kid’s room. Our removable vinyl appliqué rocketship is personalized with your child’s name across the body. To infinity and beyond! This very accomplished little boy astronaut has his very own spaceship in which to cruise the galaxy. He is very confident of his piloting abilities, due to his online NASA astronaut class last semester. He can fly the rocket with only one hand, while looking out the window... a skill only a rare few can claim. Currently he’s touring our solar system at a very comfortable 17,000 miles per hour. You can see his main combustible engines are at full fiery force!

    Note that the rocket fire will default to the color Flame which is a bright orange and the perfect color for fire. Names are written in our super cool space-age font that we use throughout the space collection. All the stars and moon can be cut apart from their sheet and arranged however you wish around your room. If you want to expand your universe of cuteness, we offer additional stars, planets, aliens and other spaceships in our Outer Space Collection.

    All the cutout areas of the design allow your wall color to show through. Each product is custom made-to-order and comes with an application tool and easy How-To instructions.

  • • How-To Application Instructions
    • Free Squeegee
    • Free Practice Decal
    • (1) Rocket Boy with Custom Name
    • (1) Crescent Moon
    • (18) Assorted Stars
  • • Rocket: 12.5"W x 28"H 
    • Moon: 7"W x 7.5"H
    • Stars: approx. 3.5", 2", 1.5"
  • Vinyl  (please read our Wall Decal FAQ for detailed info)