Books of the Bible Wall Decal Happy Tree Animal Collection

  • Our Books of the Bible Happy Tree Wall Decal Collection is a fantastic removable vinyl mural that we designed just for children for use in Christian education, churches, Sunday School classrooms, and other Christian learning environments. Our joyful, enchanted woodland scene comes complete with dozens of animal friends to keep Happy Tree smiling brightly. This collection, while decorative, is also a wonderful learning tool that can also be used as a game.

    When assembled, the tree stands 56" wide and 63" high. All the animals that come in the collection can be placed anywhere around the room. There are 66 leaves (39 Old Testament, 27 New Testament). We do suggest placing the leaves as we have it designed so your tree comes out balanced (some leaves are made to be on the right side and some on the left side). Bring smiles to the wee ones of your church by planting Books of the Bible Happy Tree on a lonely wall.

    With so many different color combinations, you can select just the right palette for your space. All the cutout areas of the design allow your wall color to show through. Each product is custom made-to-order and comes with an application tool and easy How-To instructions.

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  • • How-To Application Instructions
    • Free Squeegee
    • Free Practice Decal
    • (1) Books of the Bible Happy Tree
    • (39) Old Testament Leaves
    • (27) New Testament Leaves
    • (6) Strips of Scalloped Grass
    • (5) Owls
    • (3) Fox
    • (1) Squirrel & Acorns
    • (6) Bunnies
    • (3) Raccoons
    • (5) Hedgehogs
    • (20) Birds
    • (14) Mushrooms
    • (6) Pink Bow Packs (set of 3 bows per pack)
  • Happy Tree (Assembled): 56"W x 63"H
    (1) Strip of Scalloped Grass: 28"Wx 2"H
    Owls: 6"W x 6"H, 4"W x 4"H
    Fox: 12"W x 12"H, 12"W x 12"H, 9"W x 6.5"H
    Squirrel: 13"W x 9"H
    Acorn: 1"W x 1.75"H
    Bunnies: 5"W x 11"H, 4"W x 9"H, 4"W x 7"H, 4"W x 4.5"H, 5"W x 9"H, 8"W x 8"H
    Raccoons: 17"W x 10"H, 10.5"W x 12"H, 10"W x 6"H
    Hedgehogs: 8"W x 5"H, 6.5"W x 7"H, 5"W x 3"H
    Birds: 2"W x 2"H, 3.5"W x 3.5"H, 5"W x 3"H
    Mushrooms: approx. 6", 4", 2" high (varies)
  • Vinyl  (Scroll down page for additional product details)

Collections: Christian, Trees, Wall Decals, Woodland

oracal 631 exhibition vinyl

• Decal material is a thin, soft PVC film with a low-tack, water-based adhesive that can be removed with little residue or surface damage.

• Highest museum grade professional exhibition quality matte vinyl ideal for short to medium-term interior decoration.

• Made for ONE-TIME use; NOT repositional once applied.

• Since artwork details are cut out of material, your wall color will show through openings. Artwork is not printed. There are no borders of white or clear. Artwork will look expertly hand-painted on your walls.

• Decals adhere best smooth & solid surfaces (i.e. painted drywall, sheetrock, finished wood, glass, metal, plastic, etc). Avoid rough textures.

 • Surface must be properly prepared with compatible paint, free from dust, moisture, lotions, grease or anything effecting vinyl adhesion.

• Lasts several years indoors and temporarily outdoors

• Cleanable with soft damp cloth; Waterproof and suitable for bathrooms and areas of high humidity.