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Design - Artwork

All of our art, designs and finished products are Graphic Spaces original creations from beginning to end. Every stage involves a family effort to bring such fantastic, handmade quality products to market. It all begins with a creative vision. I look for inspiration in my vast and ever growing vintage children’s book library from the 1940-1950’s. For example, my kids used in my graphics are based on the old wooden Fisher-Price peg people I used to play with as a child (I still have all my old toys too!). There is something about that minimalism that raises the cuteness factor! I draw in a simple geometric style that represents the innocence and purity of children. I’ve built our Graphic Spaces brand on this concept. We have so many more themes, designs and product concepts to explore, but just not enough hours in the day to develop. We’ll get there eventually because we love what we do - creating so much cuteness for children and families!