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Materials - Bamboo

Our Bamboo Products
Graphic Spaces’ bamboo products are made in a variety of thicknesses.  We use thin bamboo veneers up to 1/4" thick engineered wood laminates that vary in core materials. We typically use amber (caramelized) and natural (blonde) color bamboo. The natural wood grain pattern will vary with each piece, adding distinct beauty, uniqueness and individual character to each product design.

Bamboo Facts
Bamboo is actually a grass and not a tree. It is the fastest growing plant on earth, growing as much as 39" in 24 hours. It can be continually reharvested every 3 years making it the most sustainable natural resource in the world. This eco-friendly plant is self-generating, meaning it does not need to be replanted because it grows on its own. Bamboo releases 33% more oxygen than trees and is important in maintaining an ecological balance. There are 1,500 different species of bamboo, occurring naturally in every continent except Europe and Antarctica. Bamboo is a famous as the major food source of iconic animals such as elephants and buffalos in India, pandas in China, giant gorillas in Africa, and Madagascar’s bamboo lemur. It is also economically important to humans as a building material and as food.

Did you know?
The only plant to survive the radiation of the 1945 atomic bomb in Hiroshima, Japan was a bamboo. The incinerating heat destroyed trees and other plant life. Everything except one bamboo grove was destroyed. The grove has since been removed, but culms from the grove are preserved in a museum in Hiroshima today.