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Materials - Maple

Our Maple Products
Graphic Spaces’ Classic Heirloom Collection bookends feature solid hard maple backs and bottoms. This hardwood comes to us rough cut from the mill complete with side bark! As a result, most of the labor involved in making the Heirloom bookends is due to the humble beginnings of this maple wood. For our other Woodland and Alphabet bookends, we use a hard maple veneer with MDF core, while the Sealife bookends use a Purebond core. The thinner maple used in our products is a combination 3-ply maple veneer with MDF core. It is important to know that the natural wood grain pattern will vary with each piece, adding distinct beauty, uniqueness and individual character to each product design.

Maple Facts
Few woods offer so much versatility as maple. It is used for everything from fine furniture to common household items, such as cutting boards. It is used to make musical instruments, including violins and guitars, because maple transmits sound waves so well. The curly or fiddleback figures in the grain of maple provide a pleasing appearance to instruments, kitchen accessories, like bowls and utensils - and Graphic Spaces bookends!

Did you know?
Maple seeds are shaped to spin as they fall and to carry the seeds a considerable distance on the wind. Children often call them "helicopters" due to the way that they spin as they fall. During World War Two the US Army developed a special air drop supply carrier that could carry up to 65 pounds of supplies and was based on the Maple seed.