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Materials - Masonite

Our Masonite Products
Graphic Spaces uses tempered masonite to add extra detail to our products. 

Masonite Facts
Masonite is formed using the Mason method, in which wwd chips are disintegrated by saturating them with steam, then increasing the steam or air pressure and suddenly releasing them through an orifice to atmospheric pressure. Forming the fibers into boards on a screen, the boards are then pressed and heated to form the finished product with a smooth burnished finish. The original lignin in the wood serves to bond the fibers without any added adhesive. The long fibers give Masonite a high bending strength, tensile strength, density and stability. Unlike other composite wood panels, no formaldehyde-based resins are used to bind the fibers in Masonite. It is non toxic.

Did you know?
Hardboard is often referred to as “masonite” because Masonite Corporation was the first and for many years the only major producer of this product. Today there are 28 plants in the U.S. and many others throughout the world which manufacture products similar to the “hardboard” invented by William H. Mason in 1924.