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Materials - Vinyl

We exclusively use a 3-mil soft PVC exhibition calendered film to make our wall decals. It can be removed with little or no adhesive for up to two years, making the decals easily removable, but NOT repositional, so please plan accordingly for your ONE-TIME use. The matte surface suppresses unwanted reflection, simulating wall paint, so when the vinyl is pressed into the surface texture, the design will look expertly hand-painted on your wall. The low-tack adhesive is clear and water-based. Due to its special release characteristics, this film is ideal for use in short to medium term applications indoors; specifically on painted drywall surfaces. Minimum life expectancy based on accepted application procedures on vertical surfaces is 3 years, but will last longer if kept out of direct heat and sunlight. Vinyl is waterproof and can be washed/wiped with a soft cloth to clean designs. Surfaces to which the material will be applied must be cleaned thoroughly of dust, grease or any contaminants. Since we cannot guarantee the condition of every surface, we cannot be responsible for any damage that could occur upon removal. *Freshly painted surfaces should be allowed to stand for at least 8-12 weeks until curing process is complete. Due to the wide variety of possible uses and applications, customers should independently determine the suitability of this material for their specific purpose prior to use. There is no guarantee that the vinyl will stick to every single surface and for this reason we offer a free test sample pack prior to purchase.

For specific questions you may have about the decals, please visit our FAQ page.

*Fresh Paint Notice
Many new technology paints on the market now contain a silicone resin additive giving them a very durable, stain repellent quality (perfect for kids’ spaces). As a result, they take much longer to completely cure before the decals will actually stick and stay put. The paint must finish out-gassing before the vinyls are applied, otherwise the decals may bubble and want to release from the wall. Therefore, we are now recommending to our customers that for all freshly painted walls, please wait at least 8-12 weeks before applying decals. Then at that time, start with a small piece to test and see how it’s sticking before applying your entire finished graphic.

*A note about "Green" paints on the market...

Vinyl wall decals do not stick to any of the new “GREEN” paint formulas. Failures are a combination of low adhesion levels and incompatibility with the paint. This category includes paints currently marketed as Zero-VOC, No-VOC, Low-VOC, VOC-Free or formulas containing anti-graffiti agents, such as teflon, silicone or stain blockers. Please research before painting.

We currently offer a palette of 35 vinyl colors from which to choose.