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Mighty Oak Happy Tree Wall Decal

  • Our kids Mighty Oak Happy Tree Wall Decal is simply fantastic in a baby woodland nursery or children’s playroom. The gigantic removable vinyl appliqué is our original design and boasts lots of cuteness and charm the whole family will enjoy. Because the treetop actually cuts off into the ceiling/crown moulding it will feel as if you have a giant tree growing into the next floor of your home! Your kids may even wonder how tall Mighty Oak really is... hmmm, does he keep going?

    Mighty Oak Happy Tree is huge! He towers from floor to ceiling and has (8) branches in which woodland animal friends can happily perch and keep watch over your wee one. The strong, age-old trunk has (4) notches cut out for little critters to hide and seek shelter. Birdies, snails and baby owls have been known to hide out in these cozy little nooks. Mr. Squirrel calls Mighty Oak his home. He has his own special acorn storage hole in the middle of the tree. Currently, he's busy storing up food for the winter. There are other mysterious critters that live inside Mighty Oak, but only their eyes can be seen peering out from the (2) black spook holes. Mighty Oak is always happy and has a ready smile. His branches are empty but await more animal friends to come settle and call this big beautiful happy tree "home". We have other animal friends that can be purchased separately from our Woodland Collection and added to the empty branches. Mighty Oak also comes with (2) 4" treetop trunk extenders. When completely assembled he stretches 61" wide and his normal height will reach 96", but if you have higher ceilings, one or both extenders can be added to make him soar to 104" tall. When adding the two grass strips to each side of his trunk the width of the scene is approx. 75".

    He will go together in sections because of his size, but we include a simply assembly diagram to follow. All the cutout areas of the design allow your wall color to show through. Each product is custom made-to-order and comes with an application tool and easy How-To instructions.

  • • How-To Application Instructions
    • Free Squeegee
    • Free Practice Decal
    • (1) Mighty Oak Tree Trunk
    • (2) 4" Tree Top Extenders
    • (50) Oak Leaves
    • (1) Happy Face
    • (2) Spook Holes
    • (2) Strips of Scalloped Grass
    • (1) Squirrel & Giant Acorn
    • (38) Acorns
    • (1) Acorn Storage Hole
    • (1) Pink Bow Pack (set of 3 bows)
  • Mighty Oak Tree (Assembled): 61" wide x 96" high (100" or 104" high with extensions)
    Oak Leaf: 3.5" x 6"
    Happy Face: 8" wide x 2" high
    Spook Holes: 4" wide x 6" tall, 5" wide x 4" high
    (1) Strip of Scalloped Grass: 28" wide x 2" high
    Squirrel: 13" wide x 9" high
    Acorn: 1" wide x 1-3/4" high
  • Vinyl  (please read our Wall Decal FAQ for detailed info)

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