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Scalloped Room Border: 4" Large

  • Our large 4" high Scalloped Border Wall Decals make a sweet border for your nursery or little girl’s room. Use it along ceilings to create the effect of crown moulding, on top of baseboards or even make a beautiful chair rail through the middle of the wall. Use it to outline windows, doors or mirrors. Best of all, our vinyl wall appliques are easy to apply and completely removable without residue. Our lovely border will look seamless and hand-painted. Our pack of six (48"W x 4"H) scalloped border strips will line approximately 288"(24 linear feet) of wall. Each strip can be cut apart anywhere and pieced back together to fit your room size and corners perfectly. We recommend overlapping each strip just a tick (approx. 1/16") to prevent gaps.

  • • How-To Application Instructions
    • Free Practice Decal
    • (6) Scalloped Border Strips
  • • (1) Border Strip: 48"W x 4"H
    • Each scallop is approx. 2.5" DIA
  • Vinyl  (please read our Wall Decal FAQ for detailed info)

Category: Room Borders

Type: Wall Decal

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