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Scalloped Room Border Fabric Wall Decal

  • Our 4" high FABRIC Scalloped Border Wall Decals make a sweet border for your nursery or little girl’s room. Made in our durable and reusable "peel & stick" self-adhesive fabric. Use it along ceilings to create the effect of crown molding, on top of baseboards or even make a beautiful chair rail through the middle of the wall. Use it to outline windows, doors or mirrors. Our lovely border will look seamless and hand-painted.

    Our pack of five (38.5"W x 4"H) scalloped border strips will line approximately 192.5 inches (16 linear feet) of wall. Each strip can be cut apart anywhere and pieced back together to fit your room size and corners perfectly.
  • • How-To Application Instructions
    • (5) Scalloped Border Strips
  • • (1) Border Strip: 38.5"W x 4"H
    • Note that each scallop is approx. 2.5" DIA
  • Reusable Peel & Stick Fabric Wall Decals
    • PVC-free & eco-friendly technology
    • Water-based latex inks
    • Odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable
    • 100% safe for children's spaces
    • Smooth, matte, self-adhesive material
    • Water resistant & durable textile
    • Does not rip, wrinkle or stretch
    • Re-positionable over & over again!

Features & Benefits

• 7 mil thick, low-tack textile
• Self-adhesive "Peel & Stick" technology
• Easy to install, reposition & remove
• Does not rip, wrinkle or stretch
• Photographic clear, sharp image quality
• High ink saturation for rich vibrant colors
• Anti-reflective matte, smooth fabric base
• Exceptional water resistance
• Clean removal with no residue
• Eco-friendly, non-toxic, odor-free
• No Phthalates, No PVC
• No Glycol-ether, No Formaldehyde
• Water-based HP Latex Inks
• Non-flammable, No HAPs
• UL Greenguard Gold Certified
• UL Ecologo Certified

Palette of 76 Yummy Colors!

Want to see our new fabric color palette in real life? Simply order this swatch pack and we'll mail it to you. The best way to match our colors with your wall paint and room decor. Colors are printed on our actual material. Every digital monitor is slightly different, so be confident in your order by reviewing the colors first. Colors can be easily cut apart to design your own color combinations for an order. Also included is a test sample to make sure product is compatible with paint and surface texture.