Our Story

Meet the Austin Family

From multi-award winning antique car restoration to the industrial forest of laser innovation, from Illinois to Florida and now to Tennessee, we've been there, done that, and are now doing this...

Hello, we are Curt, Cindy, and Shawn Austin and for 30 years we’ve owned and operated one of the highest awarded classic car restoration businesses in the country. Indubitably known for our incessant attention to detail, our flawless paint and finish work, and our unwavering commitment to exceed customer’s expectations, we had enjoyed success in this field for many years.

But surprisingly, while we were busy doing our thing, our daughter Christy Austin (sister to Shawn) was creating a different future for all of us. As an artist and graphic designer, she pushed her passion into the spotlight and introduced Graphic Spaces to the world in 2009 as a wall decal shop. Consequently, her exciting new dream inspired us so much, in 2010 we changed gears and joined her.

We are now a family of 4 at Graphic Spaces with each person bringing amazing talent, knowledge and experience to the table. Graphic Spaces designs and creates completely original room decor products for your children and family. You can literally build a child's room around our signature Happy Tree Book Shelf or simply brighten your life with our Happy Tree Lamp, happiness guaranteed!

Take a peek inside our shop and you'll find Curt (dad) designing at his desk while at the same time cutting and engraving our products via his laser machine “Lester”. Beside him on the floor sit cut sheets of maple, cherry, mahogany and bamboo wood, much like leftover sheets of dough from cutout cookies! In the next room or at the post office, you’ll find Cindy (supermom) busy receiving orders. She handles our customer service with a smile, final assembly, quality control, and packing and shipping - all departments in one! Next room over is the "Art Department". Christy's office is where the creative artwork happens. Her office is a production room for wall decals and art prints. Our raw wood products are stored, sealed, sanded, final finished and assembled in the main shop. Shawn is in charge of this department, relying on his heavy-duty vintage woodworking machines and superior construction skills. Old school's cool! He'll tell ya that all day long!

Our most successful product line is our Christmas Ornaments. This part of the business continues to grow every single year. People just love our designs and the classic wooden ornament personalized with their child's name. We continue to add new designs yearly to our growing collection. Shop all year for Christmas!

As with all our products, we encourage you to pass these special pieces down to the next generation to continue the love and have those memories shared with your family.

About the Graphic Spaces Brand 

Graphic Spaces strives to create original products that make children and families happy. Our Graphic Spaces brand is wholesome and clean. Our artwork is simple, graphic and geometrically stylized, yet full of personality, cuteness and life. Our products universally communicate smiles and bring feelings of joy across different languages and continents around the world. We give all honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ that we can serve as a family by collaborating our gifts and talents to create products for your family to cherish for many generations.

When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these”.   —Mark 10:14

Graphic Spaces—It’s a cute world after all!