About Fabric Wall Coverings

Our adorable fabric wall decals are made using our newest PVC-Free, eco-friendly technology. Printed with water-based latex inks, they are odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable and 100% safe for children's spaces. The smooth, matte fabric base is a self-adhesive, peel and stick material that is very opaque. It's easy to install and is re-positionable. This fabric is a durable water-resistant textile that does not wrinkle, stretch or rip. You will love the ability to use this product over and over again!

Each product is custom made-to-order and printed in your choice of 76 colors. Colors may appear different on your monitor than in real life. Every order comes with a detailed surface prep guide and application instructions. Every creation is an original piece of artwork designed by Graphic Spaces and lovingly personalized for you. Thank you for considering our work to grace the space of your home.

Fabric wall decals are intended for smooth walls and flat surfaces that have been properly prepared, cleaned, primed, painted and cured. New paint needs to be cured for at least 4 weeks prior to installation. Avoid Low-VOC and No-VOC paints with silicone or graffiti-resistant agents that will cause the adhesive to fail. We recommend Kilz® brand primer. While we cannot endorse any particular paint, tests with Pittsburgh Paints®, Sherwin Williams® and Benjamin Moore® have achieved good bonding results. Avoid high-humidity areas such as bath/shower. We highly recommend ordering a Sample Pack of the material you are considering to test surface adhesion and color match.

• Water-based HP Latex Inks
• Odorless, non-toxic, 100% safe
• Non-flammable, No HAPs
• UL Greenguard Gold Certified
• UL Ecologo Certified
• Recyclable Consumables
• Meet AgBB criteria of VOC emissions
• Outstanding high quality & color
• Excellent print durability & light fade-resistance

• 7 mil thick, low-tack textile
• Self-adhesive "Peel & Stick" technology
• Easy to install, reposition & remove
• Does not rip, wrinkle or stretch
• Photographic clear, sharp image quality
• High ink saturation for rich vibrant colors
• Anti-reflective matte, smooth fabric base
• Exceptional water resistance
• Class A, ASTM E84 Fire Rating
• Clean removal with no residue
• Eco-friendly, non-toxic, odor-free
• No Phthalates, No PVC
• No Glycol-ether, No Formaldehyde

• Moisture behind wallboard
• Patched areas have not been primed
• Dust, dirt or grease on wall
• Surface is too highly textured
• Surface is damaged, cracked, paint flaking
• Slick No-VOC paint that repels graphics
• Paint has not properly cured